About Streambiki

Streambiki helps you extract information
remote sources,
in real time and in a usable format.


“Our service may not be rocket science, but it is a tool that many people can easily add to their toolbox. Yes, there certainly are developers out there who deal with the processing of data on a daily basis and may not see the merit in our service. Working with Streambiki may not be for them. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that we deliver a service that saves anyone a lot of time and frustration in obtaining data.

If I look at the jobs I used to have and the love/hate relationship colleagues and clients have with data, processing data definitely hasn't become any easier in the last decade. That is why I wanted to build something I would actually use myself and will make life just that bit easier for everyone.”
- Geert, Founder & CEO Streambiki

Know our team

Who are behind Streambiki?


Geert - Founder & CEO

This man knows what he is doing. He has a clear vision and the power to manifest it. Besides being an entrepeneur, he also facilitates mental health support groups. Any creativity left goes into making mashups for his Youtube channel.


Wouter - Developer

Wouter is a developer in heart and soul. He may be working with modern technology every day, but there’s something about old-fashioned mechanical watches that is infinitely interesting to him. You won’t find him surrounded by hoards of animals though, as he seems to be allergic to any living thing.


Harro - Customer relations

His job is his hobby, but to Harro life is so much more than that. He loves meeting new people every day, taking the opportunity to learn from everyone and grow. Life is a party; carpe diem.


Dylan - Interface designer

Sitting behind his desk and working on his computer is certainly not all in life. Dylan is a real globetrotter, having visited some of the most interesting places in the world. From South-Africa to New Zealand, Dylan has seen it all.


Davor - Process engineer

Davor’s biggest passion in life is creating his own music on his keyboard. He even has his own music studio in his own house! His creativity may be his best asset, in our team and in life.


Jesse - Developer

Jesse’s universe stretches far beyond his day-to-day job. From creating his own fun by designing his own games, to the universe of astrophysics. He’ll certainly be the one to ask when a new star will rise.


Manon - Marketeer

She loves writing and solving puzzles, which are basically the same thing. Her addiction to coffee is legendary; some might even say it’s coffee running through her veins instead of blood. A good, fresh brew can get her out of bed at any hour, with a smile on her face.


May - Sales

Give her a racket and she'll play it. In the summertime you’ll find her outside on a tennis court, in the winter inside smashing badminton shuttles.

Contact Streambiki

You can contact us through e-mail or through any of our Social Media platforms.
We do our best to reply to each and every message as soon as possible.

Email: hello@streambiki.com