streambiki lets you turn your data into an event stream

and deliver the changes to your users in realtime

Stop Polling, Start Streaming




My own data without the load?

Do you want to keep your MySQL database? Do you often have to import large CSV files? Do you find it tedious to read from yet another JSON API?

No need to restructure your database or add more resources.  We handle the load.

Streambiki monitors and detects changes to your data and processes it into a live stream of changes.

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Streams can come true

With Streambiki your users can subscribe to your data.  Using filters your users get only the data they are interested in. 

Whether it's your application or your users building their own solution with your stream, it only takes 5 lines of code.

Are you afraid of hipster technology?

Hint, we love PHP and Javascript!

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Monetize your data?

Data is valuable, but how to make money with it.

That's why we created the HUB

so you can connect with others.

Streambiki turns your data into a product of its own. Your subscribers sign up for one or more subscriptions which is a filtered stream of changes in your data.

All you have to do is, set up their payment plan.

Yes, I want to make money with my data


Live Demo

Easy implementation for happy developers

Fast and easy implementation of the consuming logic independent of the platform

Not sure how you can benefit?

We are happy to talk you through the possibilities