Streams can come true

Streambiki is sending a continuous stream of data so your users have a realtime experience

Our services

  • We replace the request/response approach with realtime streaming of events

  • We save you bandwidth because with streams there is no unnecessary polling by your users 

  • We distribute to multiple consumers and take care of the load

  • We provide a simple user management tool so you can control who has access to your stream


Consuming streams

Consuming data is independent of the platform.

Currently, Streambiki has a focus on distributing via real-time transports such as EventSource and WebSockets.


... but Streambiki also supports polling transports. So you can still simply send periodic AJAX calls to the stream URL and get fresh data or a 304 (Not Modified) response using standard browser APIs.

Additionally, Streambiki accepts a ?wait=10 parameter to control how long the client is willing to wait for new data to arrive in order to keep the connection open for some time (a.k.a. long-polling or Comet).

Last but not least you can use filters to query your stream and let only matching events come through.


Implementing streams

We love to keep things simple and straightforward.

You can get a stream up and running in less than 5 lines of code. 

Check out our demo page for a few examples. 

Besides a JavaScript EventSource interface, there is also a PHP implementation of the EventSource protocol.


User management

Streambiki has a built-in user management tool.  This allows you to create custom API keys and set permissions to control who can access your stream.


Speed and performance

Streambiki passes stream data along to all consumers as quickly as it is fetched from your data source.  

Bandwidth and how fast you can consume the data are the most important things to keep in mind when you set up a stream.


Why Streambiki?

  1. The user comes first. No complicated documentation. Ease of implementation is a must!

  2. We are the only product that supports Javascript and PHP.  Simply because Javascript is used in 95% of all websites and PHP in 78.9% of all websites with a known server-side programming language (source:W3Tech). 

  3. Our streams can be consumed by any type of application, both front end, and back end!


Ready to stream?

We are happy to walk you through the steps