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Your next step

Once you have your data and determined that you could potentially have a financial benefit from it, your next thing to do is figuring out how to actually create data as a sellable product. 

Our approach is the following roadmap of 5 steps:

1. Identify Available Data Sources
Take all the data you have and see how it relates. Start to organize your data to be usable for someone and identify if any other information you would need to collect to make it even more usable.

2. Organize Your Data
Validate, structure, connect and organize your data within its structure.

3. Conduct Research and Analytics
Analyze your data to determine what insights your consumers potentially could profit from it.

Communicate the benefits to your consumers, understand them and try to improve your data using the prev steps by applying the results.

4. Set Terms and Prices
Determine how the consumers will access your data, terms and conditions, credentials.
Balance the price with data values and benefits of it taking into consideration the following inputs:

  •  Cost-base: Based on the cost you to create the data product.

  •  Value-base: Based on the value the customer will derive from the data. Also consider including the volume of data, the frequency with which you collected it, as well as reliability and how easy it is to manage/analyze.

5. Finalizing the Product
Package everything from previous steps into data products and combine with other related services, you could potentially offer, such as real-time updates and analytics help. Make it as customizable as you can so the product would be adjustable to many individual cases.

Our help

We can help you from idea to proof of concept, to realization.

Our software architects have +15 years of experience.  This resulted in +5 million euro products with currently over 40% market share in their sector.

Streambiki provides SLAs and uptime guarantees for the most critical applications.


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