Your data unleashed

Streambiki allows you to pass your data along to all consumers as quickly as it is gathered

Our services

  • We create a "stream of updates" from "static input data". You don't have to change your system to create a "stream", but keep using normal databases or static files.

  • We do the change detection for you so you only need to consume streams and not worry about fetching.

  • We only use 1 connection to your data source to provide data to all your users.

  • We help you save up to 85% of your bandwidth.


Data sources

Streambiki currently supports these data sources. 



1. Choose a topic name (or be lazy and we'll generate a cool one for you ;) )
2. Connect your data source


  • your database URI (host, port, user, password, database name)​​

  • your SQL statement

JSON file

  • your URL to the file


  • your URL

  • your additional request headers if any


  • your URL

  • your additional request headers if any

CSV file

  • your URL to the file

Securing your data

Data can be sensitive. You can limit access to your source in different ways. We will help you to keep your data secure.


Why Streambiki?

  1. We've been system and database administrators ourselves for 20 years now (Yes, some of us are getting old).

  2. We love squeezing out every bit of speed out of our stack.

  3. We are all about security. We'll guide you through the maze and protect you from evil.


Ready to connect?

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